3096 Tage (2013)

3096 Tage (2013)

Released: 2013
Genre: Animation, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: Sherry Hormann
Starring: Amelia Pidgeon, Thure Lindhardt, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, ,
Run time: 111 min
IMDb: 6.5/10
Country: Germany
Views: 23337


Based on real life events. 10 years old Austrian girl, Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped on March 03, 1998, on her way to school. She spent 8 and a half years under strict captivity by her kidnapper, and managed to survive one of the cruelest experiences a child should never have.
Written by
Bulma PunkRocker
User Reviews: Based on the true story of Natascha Kampusch, a girl who was kidnapped and abused for over 8 years, this film was never going to make for easy viewing. It tells the story as it is and doesn’t dodge any of the emotional and physical abuse suffered by Kampusch.

The relationship between Kampusch and her kidnapper and how it develops over time is one of the most interesting parts of the story and the film did a really good job at portraying this. Antonia Campbell-Hughes deserves a lot of credit for delivering a strong performance as Kampusch – it must have been a huge challenge, especially given her drastic change in appearance for the role.

This is a raw and naturally disturbing film that is not for everybody. I’m glad they made it though and more people are now aware of Natascha’s horrific ordeal.

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