3 Knee Deep (2016)

3 Knee Deep (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Action, Genre
Director: William Lee
Starring: Sasha Brown, Nan Bongiani, Paisley Blackburn, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 3.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 192356


Six years ago a criminal mastermind hid one ton of cocaine in an abandoned warehouse. No one knows the location of the drugs except his violent sidekick and his beautiful but deadly girlfriend. Instead of giving up the stash to the cops or a rival gang, the criminal, a mysterious Jamaican named Ghost, takes his secret to prison. When he is kidnapped by a black box covert operative by the name of Cole (Bill Koruna), he escapes with the help of an FBI agent (Angela Williams). Now free on parole, Cole’s only goal is to get the cocaine, sell it, and disappear into a life of luxury. But his actions have been closely watched by the DEA, The Russian mob and bad guys alike, and everyone is interested in following the trail to the hidden hoard of coke.
Written by
William Lee
User Reviews: In what may be his most artistic movie so far, William Lee returns as writer, director and charismatic star of 3 Knee Deep. Richly-hued, the stories of the many characters stretch through neighborhoods and across continents. Intriguing camera work and colorful cinematography added to the viewing experience.

Pay attention to the scenes near the middle of the film where CIA operatives provide information to explain and advance the plot. Fan favorite Deb Perkins plays the senior official. She’s slightly world-weary yet optimistic for success of the mission. Newcomer Thomas Tier gives a finely-nuanced performance as her craggy and competent subordinate.

Recommend watching in a viewing party because the audience will have fun figuring-out the story and talking about the characters.


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