21 Days (2014)

21 Days (2014)

Released: 2014
Genre: Genre, Horror, Thriller
Director: Kathleen Behun
Starring: Mickey River, Whitney Rose Pynn, Max Hambleton, ,
Run time: 89 min
IMDb: 4.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 160095


Three filmmakers embark on a paranormal challenge by barricading themselves in a house so haunted, no family has been able to live in more than 21 days, in order to film the supernatural phenomena which presumably occur… but nothing can prepare them for the evil that lies in wait… There are some places so dark, so evil, where no human-no living thing-should dwell…
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User Reviews: The title said it all. The lead was obnoxious, the supporting cast was terrible, it followed every possible cliche, the dialogue was the hottest of garbages, and 5 year old special needs kid could have written a more coherent storyline having a molly seizure.
Instead of watching this movie, just go kneel in front of the nearest toilet and bash your head in between the rim and the seat for 90 minutes.

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