100 Vaginas (TV Movie 2019)

100 Vaginas (TV Movie 2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Documentary, Genre
Director: Jenny Ash
Starring: ,
Run time: 47 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: UK
Views: 85601


A bold, feminist film about how the vagina has shaped our view of the world and the shame around female sexuality. Women from 19 to 77 years old talk about puberty, menstruation, birth, motherhood, infertility, menopause, pleasure, sex, pain, trauma, gender, sexuality, cancer, rape and FGM.
Written by
Jenny Ash
User Reviews: Depending on your opinion this is either scraping the barrel or interesting and thought provoking. Channel 4 seem to be in a mess recently with programmes like Naked Attraction filling their late night slots, and this is arguably yet another excuse to show nudity. I’m not being prudish, but Channel 4 seems to consist of filler TV like Come Dine With Me, bad panel comedy shows and overly salacious stuff like this. From the channel that brought us Brass Eye, Lipstick On Your Collar and Father Ted. And more recently Peep Show, Shameless and Utopia.

Photographer Laura Dodsworth takes picture of vaginas and women discuss their sexual experiences in a nutshell. Maybe that’s diluting it, but it is what it is. What you end up with is the really interesting, darker stories don’t get told until about three quarters of the way through and already most viewers will be bored by then.

I’m not going to discuss the sexual politics side or feminist angle. As a documentary it was just boring to me, cold and clinical.

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