100 Bloody Acres (2012)

100 Bloody Acres (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Genre, Horror
Starring: Anna McGahan, Angus Sampson, Damon Herriman, ,
Run time: 91 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: Australia
Views: 54959


The use of dead car crash victims in the Morgan Brothers’ “Blood and Bone” fertiliser has been a huge boon to business. But it’s been months since their last find and an important new customer is waiting on a delivery. When Reg Morgan, the junior partner in the business, comes across three young people stranded on a remote country road, he sees a radical solution to their supply problems, and a way of finally gaining the respect of his bossy big brother, Lindsay. But things don’t quite go to plan when Reg starts forming an attachment with one of their captives, Sophie. Reg must now make a decision: go through with the plan and finally win Lindsay’s approval, or save the kids and destroy everything the brothers have worked for. They’re not psycho killers… they’re just small business operators.
Written by
Colin & Cameron Cairnes
User Reviews: ONLY 4 users IMDb for a great indie from down under. Wow, I can’t believe that. This film is fantastic and as far as comedy horror is concerned, one of the best. You can rank this one right up there with Society, Sleepaway Camp 2, Some guy who kills people and the very underrated Chopped. Down under have really given us some great celluloid over the last 5 years or so and this film is no exception. The acting is the best I’ve seen for this kind of film and the special effects are great. 100 bloody acres is a cross between Lunchmeat/TCM and just about any roady horror film of the last 10 years or so but what I loved about this film was it didn’t stop being fun. You actually like the characters and speaking of characters Ms. McGahan you are absolutely gorgeous……

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